Why Support Lung Cancer Canada (LCC)

LCC is Canada’s only lung cancer-specific organization

LCC is the sole organization dedicated to lung cancer research and patient support.  As such, it has become the go-to resource for many lung cancer patients and their families – and is distinctively positioned to build a united community of lung cancer patients and allies across the country.

The stigma of the disease is killing lung cancer patients and there is an urgent need to elevate national awareness and support for a disease that has historically lacked both
Dr. Natasha Leighl
LCC President

LCC is strongly tied to the medical community

Throughout its history, LCC has actively worked in concert with the medical community to inform the public conversation and to keep lung cancer patients and their families well informed.  Our esteemed medical advisory network includes leading medical and radiation oncologists, thoracic surgeons and respirologists specializing in lung cancer research and treatment.

LCC is patient-centric

LCC offers lung cancer patients a variety of resources to connect them to medical professionals, fellow patients, and other supports in their local communities.  These include discussion boards, newsletters, social media channels, a telephone information line, and a website that includes comprehensive, up-to-date resources for finding clinical trials.

LCC is raising its voice

 LCC is elevating the lung cancer conversation in Canada through a focused public awareness campaign designed to educate the public and clear away misconceptions about the disease.  Rejecting a “blame-the-victim” attitude towards lung cancer patients, LCC actively speaks out against the stigma attending the disease and seeks to reflect the reality that the face of lung cancer is changing, encompassing women, nonsmokers, young people, and more.

LCC is a leading advocate for screening and bringing state of the art lung cancer care to Canadians

LCC is committed to supporting and leading efforts to make lung cancer screening, molecular testing and treatment access more accessible to Canadians at risk or with lung cancer.  Our website offers information on screening and, in partnership with the Terry Fox Research Institute, we are a leading supporter of the Pan-Canadian Screening Study extension, aimed at making lung cancer screening even more effective and less costly. Also LCC believes that all Canadians with lung cancer should have access to state of the art lung cancer care, including the best possible treatments and tests to improve longevity, quality of life, and the chance of cure.

LCC is committed to funding cutting-edge research initiatives

Lung cancer causes one in three cancer deaths, but receives less than 1 percent of cancer-specific private donations.  Recently we have more than doubled our funding for lung cancer research, funding promising projects including:

  • Gabriella Micallef Memorial Hope Research Grant (for a longitudinal study of behaviours of people with lung cancer and their association with survival and quality of life)
  • Lung Cancer Fellowship with Canadian Institutes of Health Research (3-year postgraduate fellowship for lung cancer research: clinical, basic or translational)
  • PanCanadian Screening Study extension in partnership with the Terry Fox Research Institute (extension to national screening study that will fund another round of screening in the current study, providing a better understanding of how long and at what time interval people should be screened, along with developing better ways to select those at risk
The face of lung cancer is changing. More and more, that face looks a lot like mine – young, non-smoker, asymptomatic and healthy (well, except for the cancer).
Anne Marie Cerato
LCC Board Member

Because now is the time

Change is at hand - over the past few years, lung cancer advocacy has been on the rise throughout North America, and the increased attention devoted to lung cancer is already reaping results.  Exciting new developments are underway in lung cancer treatment, and the potential for progress in the areas of research and patient care are enormous.  

Please consider joining us at this exciting and important time.  Change is coming for lung cancer patients and their families – but there is still so much work to be done.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the developments underway – now is the time to get involved!